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As the leading clay roofing contractor in the San-francisco bay area, Advantage Roofing Inc has the experience and skillset needed to install a beautiful new clay roof for your home. 

Our team can present you with all the options and ensure you find a tile that is both beautiful and durable.


When homeowners who need their roofs redone are shopping around for options, clay roofs usually aren’t on the top of the list. That may be in large part because people simply don’t know about the benefits of clay roofs. Not only are they environmentally friendly, because the source of materials is renewable, but clay roofs are also stylish, with a multitude of styles and colors for tiles available. They are also highly durable, and can outlast many other roofing materials.

Because they last for so long, the cost of the clay roofs is actually less expensive over time when compared to other types of roofs. The clay does not run after water exposure, and a good clay roof can even withstand fiercer weather conditions such as hurricanes and ice storms. When a clay roof is in need of repairs, generally only a few tiles will need to be replaced, rather than the entire roof.


The choice of colors available for clay roofs is varied and selective customers can find a color and style to match any home. For many homeowners, clay roofs are a good choice because the many styles available with that type of roof can really accent and emphasize the natural beauty of a home. Even the coloring of the clay is durable and won’t fade over time, even with excessive exposure to sunlight. The individual tiles are also available in assorted styles, presenting the option of mixing and matching tiles for the perfect aesthetic.


For those who are looking for ways to make their home more environmentally friendly, clay roofing is a superior option. Because they don’t wear and run off from rain, the amount of pollutants that get in the water from clay roofs is minimal other roof materials may release polluting particles when exposed to rain. Since clay tiles are a product of two natural, renewable resources – clay and water – there is no risk of environmental damage from a damaged clay roof. Furthermore, if a clay roof needs replacing, any waste is environmentally safe, and in many cases clay tiling can be recycled.

There is one major drawback to purchasing clay roofs, and that is the initial cost. Like other environmentally friendly material options, clay roofs can cost almost twice as much as other materials, depending on which specific type of clay roof a homeowner chooses. However, this cost should be weighed against the fact that there is a minimal maintenance cost and effort once a clay roof is installed.

Finding a contractor who offers a high quality (or grade) of clay can also be considered a problem when it comes to purchasing clay roofing. If the roofing contractor doesn’t have clay tiles that are certified ASTM Grade 1, then the quality of the materials they are offering may not be able to provide all of the benefits that clay tiles can offer.

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