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ADVANTAGE Roofing INC. is the leading slate roofing contractor in the San-francisco bay area. Our roof installation experts have the experience and skill required to install a slate roof that is as durable and functional as it is beautiful.

Slate roofs can really add to the value of your home, and by working with a contractor who is experienced with installing slate roofs, you can ensure the job is done right – on time and on budget.


Our flat roofWant a quote on a new slate roof for your home? Contact Advantage Roofing Inc at (650)291-6342 For more information about the benefits of slate roofs read below.installation and repair experts have the experience and skill required to install a roof that is as durable and functional as it is beautiful.

Are you considering having a slate roof installed on your home or business? Let us help. We’re ADVANTAGE Roofing INC. the top roofing contractor Bay Area…..

Choosing a slate roof requires the assistance of a roofing expert. At Advantage Roofing Inc we have a team of skilled roofing contractors who can explain all the different types of slate to you. This will help you make an informed decision to find the perfect roof for your needs.


Many contractors believe slate is one of the finest roofing materials that can be used to protect your home… since your roof acts as your home’s first line of defense against the harsh elements of Mother Nature.

So, why are slate roofs so popular?

There are several reasons. First, slate is fireproof. Therefore, roofs using this material are among the most fireproof roofs available. In short, having a slate roof reduces the chances of your home being engulfed in flames.

Another reason slate roofs are so desirable is because they are very durable. Not only do they effectively stand up against Mother Nature, but they can also endure the foot traffic of a team of workers, and may be more likely to resist the impact of a tree branch or other debris. The strength of this material means you’ll save money by having to repair or replace your roof less often than you might with other materials. The life expectancy of a slate roof is often typically longer than most other materials.

The pleasant aesthetic of slate roofs also make them appealing to homeowners. Since there are many different types of slate, you can create several unique looks. Whether you want different colors, thicknesses or sizes, there is a type of slate to meet your tastes.

With slate roofing, the bottom line is this—its strong, reliable, and aesthetically versatile.

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